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How to Buy It?

Contract Hire
Widely seen as the most popular way to operate materials handling equipment, offering a complete package including maintenance, service and repairs. This offers the end-user worry-free upkeep of the asset throughout the term of the agreement, and it also means they know exactly what the expense for that asset will be.

Qualifying agreements are treated as off-balance sheet which means that financial ratios such as gearing and liquidity are not adversely affected. In most cases rentals are 100% allowable against tax.

  • 3 month deposit
  • Remaining payments monthly with VAT added
  • No final ownership
  • Off your balance sheet
  • Full maintenance included

Hire / Lease Purchase
A Hire or Lease Purchase agreement offers the opportunity to own the asset at the end of the repayment term. In line with our flexible approach, repayments can be tailored to match your business needs – so you know exactly what to pay and when, allowing you to plan ahead and retain control.

  • VAT paid up front.
  • Remaining payments net of VAT
  • No final payment
  • On your balance sheet
  • Maintenance paid separately

How can I reduce my costs?
Equipment does not function without an operator. In fact, the operator constitutes over 90 percent of your materials handling costs. The management, motivation and direction of operators will provide you with the greatest cost savings.

Provide your drivers with quality, ergonomic equipment to make their operations easier, monitor their activities and focus on increasing productivity. This will ultimately improve your business far greater than cutting corners on equipment procurement and maintenance costs.

What happens if my circumstances change?
Choose a contract (like one of ours!) that is designed to offer greater flexibility. If a supplier is worth dealing with they will offer a contract designed to assist your business as your materials handling demands fluctuate.