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Getting the right deal - Service Support

Getting the right deal - Service Support

Next time you review your service agreement, for equipment you own, there are a few things you may want to consider.  
To maintain your truck, the engineer has to get to your site, so it stands to reason that an invoice will include travel.  But do you get charged from one job to another or from the engineer’s base to your site?  
Environmental laws now regulate the disposal of oils and the filters and it is fair enough to pass the charge on to you as the customer - but not if you operate electric trucks!  
If your engineer finds a problem that needs to be solved it might be worth finding out if he is on a bonus or commission on sales.  

Ringing an alternative company for an estimate to fix the same problem may be a way of checking you are getting a fair deal on your replacement parts, as well as ensuring the job does need doing.

Take ten minutes - pull out an invoice:

Are you charged for call out?
Are you charged labour for travel as well as mileage?
Are you charged for return visits to solve repeat problems?

Do you get an estimate for work being carried out?
How do you check parts prices are competitive?

Can you speak directly to your allocated engineer?

Can you report faults on-line?